Friday, August 8, 2014

Comicon Progress

 I've got a few things completed.  And a few things begun - ded.
so much more to do.....

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The countdown has begun....

Been a while since I have blogged. 
Been busy.
Busy getting nothing done it feels like.  I did get my little girl off on a plane to South Korea for a summer of teaching English and a year of school.  Spent most of the last month hanging out with her.  I'm going to miss her a lot, but I will just keep telling myself she'll be back before I know it.
In happier news, I have decided to share an artist's table at Rose City Comicon with a comicbook artist.  Now I have to fill my side of the table.  I'm gonna have to buckle down... and get some pieces finished.
Below is the start of what I am tentatively calling my "Get Wrapped Up In Your Game" series.  Fun throw quilts that depict different types of game boards.  This one is a mod version of Settlers of Catan.  I'm also putting together another, bigger version of Defcon Risk quilt.
I will try to be better at posting more regularly.  If I have to update you with my progress getting ready for Comicon...then I might actually make some progress. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

So much little to do...wait....reverse that.

 I actually like being busy with projects. 
It forces me to put myself on a schedule. 
As a card carrying procrastinator..not always my strong suit.
If I can just watch TV in bed while playing My Little Pony, I am happy.
But, now apparently I have decided that I need a little stress in my life, so I have gone halfsies on an Artists' Table at the Rose City Comicon in September.
A little nervous.  I have some great geeky ideas, and I KNOW my work is super high quality and worth every penny (probably even more) I would like to charge for it.   I am just nervous about being able to whip up some items that are not too expensive for the comicon crowd. 
Not that comicon-ers don't spend a sh#t ton of money on all kinds of things, but it is a competition for people's dollars.  I just want my work to be valued for the creative time and effort I put into it and be considered as valuable to a comicon-er as a $200.00 figurine. 
Maybe included in my fear is the part and parcel of growing up female. 
We are constantly questioning our value and usually selling ourselves short.
But the reality of it is, when you are selling anything there is always the question of perceived value. 
Are you getting what you paid for?  I would tell you here that with my "stuff" YES you are.
I see far too many quilters charging what I think is way to little for what they have created.  "Baby Quilts" of 36 x 45in for $50 or $75.   Honestly, half the time, by my math, what they are charging can barely cover the cost of materials so it can't possibly address any of the hours put into sewing it together.  Makes we wonder where they buy, and what kind of fabric/supplies they buy.  Good quality quilting fabric costs an average of $12.00 a yard for prints.  If you go all least $15.00.  In all likelihood they are trying to compete with commercially produced items, which are typically not the same quality. (Handmade is typically superior.)  And, how many of us have access to wholesale fabrics and supplies? (And did I mention that there are probably a million identical replicants of the commercially made thing slap-dashed together?  My handmade quilts are one of a kind, durable keepsakes.)
I am always encouraged by the art quilters who know how to value their time and their talent, and have found an audience that does as well.  I have seen many charge $500-$1000 for a 36 in wall hanging and $2000-$3000 for larger items.  And when you see their work you may not - at first - think that it could possibly be "worth" that, but take a closer look, cause, baby, it is.  Hand painted or dyed fabrics, elaborate piecing and quilting.  I have seen some art quilts with gold leaf on them....
When pricing my work, I like to land somewhere in the middle, I guess.  I want to get for it what I put into it...which is materials plus time.  What is the point of creating something to sell (for profit mind you - not as gifts or for charity) if you are only getting paid enough to cover the cost of your supplies? 
If you enjoy creating and you do it so you can give all your quilts away to friends and loved ones, and never charge money for them, I think you should. 
But, if you are selling your work, you need to be fair to yourself.  
Value your time and talent.  
So if you have made it this far....(I have gone on a bit) you get the "cookie". 
Which is some information about the pictures you have been looking at.
This is a "pink" version of my Chromatronic stroller quilt pattern.  It is 28 x 36 and 2 sets of ties on the "top" so you can tie it to the car seat or stroller so it won't fall off.
I used 100% cotton Kaufman Kona and Moda solids; my favorite polka dot right now, which is Kaufman On the Spot, Pindot in Pepper; the back is a print I have had in my stash a while.  I don't think they make it any more - it was in a VERY popular line from last summer (did the ties in this fabric too); the binding is Ups and Downs in grey from Wilmington Prints; batting is a 100%cotton low loft from Pellon; it was sewn with 100% cotton Aurifil thread and quilted with a Steel Grey Isocord thread.
I drop all those names above, because all of these bits and pieces - if I add up only what I used - are about $50.00 worth of materials.
I haven't hand sewn down the binding yet, and I already have 6 hours of work put into this little baby.  It will be probably another 2 hours to get the binding down.  (then a wash and a dry to crinkle it and its done!)
Now, I enjoy the time I put into these, it doesn't feel like work to me, but I still think it counts for something. 
So, based on my materials and time, this little jewel prices out at around $175.00.
I will have it up for sale on my Storenvy site when it is finished. 
Currently all my "extra" income is going to pay for my daughter's college.  She wants to study in Korea next year so, we will be forking out some extra dough. 
When this Chromatronic if finished I have a more feminine version of my Quad-Bot 3000 quilt to finish next and get up for sale. 
You can already buy the pattern for the Quad-Bot 3000 at
If you made it this far...thank you for sticking with me today....
and if you are in Portland, Oregon around September 20th,
please come see me at the Rose City Comicon.....
I'm going to have all kinds of stuff for sale. 
Maybe a Tinkerbell version of Chromatronic......

Monday, March 24, 2014

A little laughter...a little sadness....

 I spent a lovely sunny Sunday, gazing at the budding foliage from my studio windows and watching(okay RE watching --- okay okay! Binge-watching) My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. 
The show reminded me how much I appreciate my current friends (this includes my family and especially my husband), and how much I enjoy spending time with them just laughing.
So, for the Pinkie Pie in all of us I created a coffee sleeve (available at my store : of her Element of Harmony - Laughter.  It evokes the joy I feel thinking about my friends. 
The show also brought to my attention that I haven't really spent much time making new friends lately.  I tend to just hole up in my studio stitching away. I hope to change that by being more active here on my blog, on Facebook and Instagram and other places. 
So be my friend. Follow me here or through Bloglovin. Like Pikkeldylli Quilts on Facebook. Follow me at Pikkeldylliquilts on Instagram at @PikkeldylliQ on Twitter. I'm also on Vine at Pikkeldylli Quilts and Flickr. 
I'm thinking of doing a giveaway......soooooon
Maybe a Bob's Burger bobstache drink sleeve?
And now for the little bit of sadness.....
The auto threader thingy on my only 1 year-old Babylock Symphony broke.....
So now my machine must go to the "hospital".  Not sure how it happened exactly.  I couple times I have forgotten that the needle isn't centered before I try to thread the needle...and the machine makes a  kind of bad beepy be deeep sound and the treader gets a little stuck, but a gentle tap and it get when this happened Sunday I gave it the gentle tap and it unstuck...but when I pushed the lever to make sure it was completely clear before trying to stitch ....
it just collapsed into 3 blerrpul de durpp bad sound....
I actually had to *gulp* hand thread *wince* the needle.  Thank goodness the auto cutter still worked.... or it would have been like sewing in the prehistoric age.
Hopefully it is a quick fix and free.... cause if it isn't..I won't be laughing. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Secret Mission - Revealed!

 As promised, I can now reveal the photos of one of the once Top Secret quilt projects I made
for my soon to arrive nephew.  Shower has happened so the cats out of the bag.
It is titled "DEFCON 1"
It is meant to work as a playable game board.
So how about a rousing game of world conquest for ages 10 to adult?  Unless you'd rather play a nice game of chess?
Picture taken in full morning sunlight.
It measures approximately 38 in by 40 in. 
Batteries are not included (none needed)  but some assembly was required on my part. 
It was crafted from 76 separate applique pieces in 45 different fabrics.  (46 if you add the oyster background - 47 with the binding, 50 when you add the back and label)
I can tell you that was a fun day at Fabric Depot.  Luckily I found a couple fat quarter bundles that were perfect for some of the color combos. 
But still, we had a cart piled high with beautiful Kaufman Kona Solids. O what a lovely sight!
All applique is fusible web backed, and each piece is individually machine stitched. 
Normally, I piece and bind in Aurifil and quilt in Isocord.  Since there is no real "piecing" per se, the applique was stitched in Isocord as well as the quilting.  Backing and binding done with Aurifil. 
 I quilted in a swirly wave pattern a bit like ocean currents. 
Picture taken in dappled morning sunlight.
I created this for my brother. 
As a quilter, anytime you have an opportunity to make a quilt (or several) to give as a gift, you take it.  As soon as my brother and his wife announced that they were pregnant, I immediately envisioned this quilt.  When he was younger, my brother always enjoyed playing Risk.  So much so, he would play games against himself if no one else would play.  I know that he will definitely play this game with his son as soon as he is old enough to be around pieces that small - so probably like age 3 at the latest. 
There is no way they are waiting until he's 10.
I am contemplating making commissions of this quilt available at , but we'll see.  I have been putting a lot on my plate lately.  But you never know. 
 I could work up a sellable pattern...I may.  We'll see. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Good News! Everyone." - Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

  Pikkeldylli Quilts Storenvy storefront is now open!
I am new to selling online, so if you have any suggestions about how to make my storefront more user friendly and easier to find, feel free to comment. 
I am looking for constructive criticism...thank you very much.
Currently, I have 7 fiendishly, lovely, handmade coffee sleeves ready for purchase. 
This particular group is all Disney Villains.  Below is a sampling of the wares. 
I should have more items soon.  Also, I should have a couple quilt patterns you can buy or commission Pikkeldylli to make for you.   
I will also be open for custom commissions eventually.
So, give me a looksee and tell me what you think. 
Let me know what kind of useful things you are looking for. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thank you little snow storm....

 I am nearly finished with my latest projects.  I have to be...
They are to be given to the recipient on Saturday.  Well, to his mom and dad at least.
When we had that big snow storm a couple weeks ago, I got a lot of Netfilx watching done, completed most of my baby gifts, and ended up having time to design and create one more.  I will be taking "good" pictures here soon and will be able to post the finishes after next weekend.
 I made a timing error, so even though I spent hours shopping on line for the perfect fabric for the back of the quilt above (with the swirls) my fabric shipped on the day I thought it would arrive... so when it does arrive, I will have to use it for another project I guess.  (Although I will probably have no fabric that goes with it so I will have to by new fabric to go with that fabric...just like buying shoes and outfits.) Did some emergency shopping at a brick and mortar shop and I think my selection will be more than suitable.
The big party is this weekend and I am excited to have everyone see what I have made.  Not just my brother and sister-in-law and their baby (and you my faithful readers) but the other people at the party.  I think I knocked it out of the park.  I will be the best Auntie ever!  I learned by watching my sisters with my daughter what Awesome Aunties do. 
At my baby shower - 20 years ago - my Awesome Auntie gave my daughter a cute little baby comforter.  My daughter LOVED it.  Couldn't sleep without it.  Ended up chewing a hole in one of the corners so she could loop her finger through it as her comfort thing (she didn't suck her thumb and wouldn't take a pacifier).  So we called it "the hole blankie".  She took it with her everywhere.  I should say - TAKES it with her everywhere.  She took it with her to college last year and this year.  And although it is barely holding together she still won't do without her hole blankie.  I don't know what she is going to do next year in Korea...she'll probably get all Linus Van Pelt and make it into a hobo pack and carry all her stuff in it.
I hope one of my blankies might aspire to be the "the hole blankie" for my brother's son. 
I have some stiff competition with my sister Karen's quilt...
It is supes cute and larger than any of mine (I've made 3 for this shower.)
but...may the best Auntie win.
Although I am not above cheating. 
What kind of candy do you give a newborn? Or do you just give them cash?